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Kamper Clock Red Kamper Clock Red ICLOKR $99.95 NZD 
Kamper Clock Blue Kamper Clock Blue ICLOKB $99.95 NZD 
Kamper Clock Mint Kamper Clock Mint ICLOKM $99.95 NZD 
Kamper Clock Rimu Kamper Clock Rimu ICLOKT $99.95 NZD 
The Caravan Clock Red The Caravan Clock Red ICLOCR $99.95 NZD 
The Caravan Clock Blue The Caravan Clock Blue ICLOCB $99.95 NZD 
The Caravan Clock Rimu The Caravan Clock Rimu ICLOT $99.95 NZD 
Kiwi Clock Bach Kiwi Clock Bach IKCBACH $99.95 NZD 
Kiwi Clock Kiwimite Kiwi Clock Kiwimite IKCKM $99.95 NZD 
Mini Kiwi Clock- Bach Mini Kiwi Clock- Bach IKCMBACH $69.00 NZD 
Mini Kiwi Clock- Caravan Mini Kiwi Clock- Caravan IKCMC $69.00 NZD 
Mini Kiwi Clock- Kamper Mini Kiwi Clock- Kamper IKCMKA $69.00 NZD 
Mini Kiwi Clock- Kiwimite Mini Kiwi Clock- Kiwimite IKCMKM $69.00 NZD 

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